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Welcome to the Project Cairo web site.                       

A short story on how "Project Cairo" was born:

   In mid November 2003, just before Thanksgiving, an Elite group of  11 guy's were given the opportunity to take an idea and run with it. As most of you know, they work for a  telecommunications company. This Elite group was given an opportunity to take the knowledge they have consumed from being employed with the company and given a chance to teach the egyptians. Of course this is a brilliant financial move on the company's behalf and a wonderful learning experience for all of us.
    The first visit to Cairo, Egypt was the second week of November, they went for a week to check out the daily operations in this already formed call center in Cairo. Adam B. (VP) departed a week before the group to scope thing's out. The group stayed for a week to meet their employee's and get a feel for thing's over there. The food was less than desirable and sleep was a rare occurance, never the less they made it. They flew back to the U.S. for Thanksgiving and stayed a week. Unfortunatley they were not home for the company Christmas party, some of the wives attended the party in hopes to see them via satellite from the Ball Room at the Four Season's. I (Mrs. Seybold), Mrs. Kane (Nick's wife) & Meagan (Justin Zapula's fiance) met up and stuck pretty tight that night. At around 12:30am we finally got to see the guy's on satellite, they were 10 hours ahead so it was like 10:30am over there. Poor Justin and Meagan, Justin had no idea they were doing the satellite conference and he wasn't there. The call center where the satellite is set up is about 35min from the resort where the group is staying with an armed guard at all times.
       The group went back to Egypt November 29- December 20. It seems that the more they frequent Cairo, the better the treatment they recieve. The food is still a whole different story. I will be uploading pictures that were taken from the first and second trips and so on and so forthe. These photos were taken by different guy's in the group. There are a few really good and bad shot's.

The group:
Adam Bonaldi
Jamie Seybold
Josh Kelley
Nick Kane
Dar Johnson
Justin Zappulla
Chris Gray
Steve Nachwalter
Kevin White
Shane McFarland
Damon Allen

Saturday January 3rd, 2004....
    In the air again! The group went back to Egypt. This time Justin's fiance (Meagan) went on the trip over. Adam and Shane stayed in the U.S. to prepare for their move. In February there is another group going over. There will be more posted after they have been there for a couple business days and then the site will be updated on there flight(s) and business.