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This is a prayer site for Jayme Anne, all prayers and good will are welcome. Please pray for our Angel!
Tuesday, May 22,2001. Jayme Anne opened her eyes briefly. She still lay in a coma, but she is now prosumed to be in a lesser state of coma. Keep the prayers coming, she still needs all she can get. We all have faith in our little Angel, keep the faith in her too. Updates will be posted every few days. Pray for progress, I do daily!(I love you Jaymers!)

If anyone would like the newspaper story, you can find it at, go to the archive search and type the name "seybold", search the last 90 days and 2 stories should come up.

June 12,2001~ Jayme has been moved from the ICU unit to an intermediate care, she has been there for a couple of days. Her mom says that she is still opening her eyes(not on comand) and has been going through a lot of physical, ocupational and speach theropy. It is a long road to travel but every little bit of progress is an important thing. Just keep the prayers going and keep the faith in our Angel!
More updates in a few days.

June 19th,2001~ The trechiotomy tube was removed completley on June 18th. She is breathing completley on her own. Medications have been slowly administered to try to slowly bring her out of the coma, I am not too sure on how that all works but I WILL be praying. Please keep the prayers going. I will call to Florida to get further up-dates on June 20th, I will post anything further ASAP. Keep checking back for more up-dates.