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               Jayme Anne Seybold                                                                                     
   By Ellie Seybold ~ May 22nd, 2001

                            Jayme Anne, we love you more than life! Please get better soon!
Welcome to the Jayme Anne Seybold web site. Where miracles can happen!
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Jayme Anne is a bright, loving 14 year old girl who has unfortunately found a bad path in life. Jayme Anne was struck by a car traveling at 45 mph on May 5th, 2001. The impact of the car severed her right arm above her bicept, shattered her left fibia on her leg, broke both clavicles, and fractured her skull on the right side, She remains in a coma in Florida. We ask that anyone who sees this page, please pray for our little Angel! She needs all the prayer, love, and support she can get. No child deserves to endure something as tragic as this. Any donations for Jayme's medical expenses are more than welcome. Keep the faith, we will. God Bless!(Jayme Anne, we love you more than life, please get well soon!)


5/22/01~ Jayme Anne, we all keep praying for you baby girl. You will pull through this, we are all here for you. You are our Angel, it sure will be nice to hang out again. I love you precious, I miss you Lot's. Stay strong, and when you don't have strength, let me know and I will give you mine. I love you Tons princess. Love Elle Bell


Jayme Annes mom(Candy) started a trust-fund for Jayme Anne, anyone who would like to donate money towards medical expenses is more than welcome to contact AM South (of Florida) and tell them you would like to add money to the "Jayme  Anne Seybold Foundation". Every little bit helps. Thank you all so much for your thoughts and prayers, they are much needed.


August 6th,2001~ Jayme Anne is now in stage 4 of the 8 stages of her coma. She has begun to do purposeful things like grabbing a wash clothe (at times) when she is told to and is now in the agitated stage of her coma. She is unfamiliar with her surroundings and frustrated. She uses her legs now in therapy to get from one chair to another. She actually walked with assistance on Thursday the 2ndPlease don't miss understand this, she is still pretty much comatose but she is able to do some things at times.) she helps her mom get herself dressed and tries to get out of bed; not realizing that she is incapable of doing such a task at this time. There is a LONG road to recovery and allot of therapy and so on to deal with. Keep praying for her strength and pray that she speeds right through the next few stages of recovery.
  We ALL love you and miss you VERY much baby girl, keep up the good work! We are all SOOOO proud of you darlin! And ALWAYS remember that when you don't have the strength or the courage you need, Daddy and I are always here for you! And realize that your mommy has given allot of strength to you at the times you needed it the most. You are loved so much by all of us. Get well and concentrate on you baby, we are always here when you need us!

                  PS. I found the tat you talked about on the computer, I just wanted to leave it here for ya. Because no matter what~ You will ALWAYS be Daddy's girl! Daddy loves you baby girl, TONS!!!!love~Elle

    The article reads:Candy Harman, in background, talks to her daughter, Jayme Seybold, who remains in a coma after being struck by a car in May. Her left leg and clavicle were broken, her right arm was nearly severed and she was left with severe brain injuries.
The 2 above pictures were taken on the 6th of August. We are sure she is a miracle child, she was not supposed to be walking with her nurse(below) according to the doctors. The power of prayer and all the support she has received through this whole thing sure did pay off. Thank you all for keeping the faith in our angel.God Bless.

We ALL love you Jaymers, it will be nice to see you again. I am soooo glad you are home now.Elle                                


November 19, 2001

It has been awhile since I have updated this site. However, I am pleased to say that Jaymers has finally gone home. Just in time for the holidays! She was released from the hospital on my moms Birthday of all days, November 16th. ( Happy Birthday Mom!)
     She continues with her progress as she is Too strong to give up hope. Her mom said that she has asked to meet "Ryan", the guy who hit her. I believe she is trying to come to terms with this. I don't believe that she blames him either. God works in mysterious ways.
     Jaymers is taking a small break from her daily routines such as therapy and what not for Thanksgiving and back to therapy she goes. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK BABY GIRL!!! We are soooooooo proud of you!    I will post more updates as soon as I get them.

March 3, 2002
  We will continue to keep Jayme in our thoughts and prayers and we wish her the best in her life and her recovery.

Christmas 2001. She looks wonderful!
All I want is for Jayme Anne to know she is loved so very much and thought of every second of every day. (We love you so much Jaymers and miss you just the same.)

April 28th 2002

WOW!!!  Jayme Anne picked up the phone and called Jamies mom on April 25th(the day after my Bday) after seeing her number on the caller ID. She spoke slowly and softly but she did it!!! I am so proud of her, she has come a long way. She is asking to call her dad and she want's to see him. Candy isn't sure if Jayme is ready for that yet, I am waiting on a phone call from Candy to let me know whether or not she will let Jayme talk to Jamie.  Keep praying, she's a miracle!

May 16 2002
 The top of this page is so true... "Miracles CAN happen". Jayme Anne picked up the phone and called us tonight. It was so nice to hear her voice. She spoke slow and purposfully and you can hear the pain in her voice but we heard her voice! She said she want's to come see us however, her recovery process is so important right now that she needs to stay with her mommy and get the therapy and everything she need's. She doesn't comprehend that she is as injured as she really is and believes in her own mind that she is alright. She still has a way's to go. Hopefully the phone call's will help her, now she know's she can call any time. Candy is going to set up a therapy session that Jamie can sit in on and he will fly there for that. I will post that and the outcome once it happens.
  Her sweet sixteen is comeing up on June 8th, her mom is planning a big party for her. I will post more updates when I get them. Keep praying for her full recovery or atleast so she can function on her own in this crazy world when that day comes.
Jayme Anne~ We love you sooooooo much baby girl, we are soooo proud of you. Keep focused on your healing for now, when the time is right we will be back. It could take some time so you concentrate on getting better so we can hang out once we do come back to Florida. Some day baby girl, some day. Know that you are in our hearts and on our mind's every day! There is not a moment that passes that we don't think about you. Be good for your mom baby, she loves you very very much. She tries so hard to be your friend and that is all she want's in return, a friend in you. You are her world, be good for her OK. I can't wait until you see this website, you sure do have a lot of messeges in your guest book, it will take you awhile to read all the stuff written on here. We love you baby, call again soon. It was GREAT hearing your voice, keep up the good work.
  Candy~ Thank you so much for letting Jayme call tonight. I pray that it was a helpfull call and that her emotions don't get all whacked. We want what is best for her, unfortunatley no one really knows what that is right now. It's like going through all of this blind folded, taking stabs in the dark. I wish I had the answers, I know this is tough. Keep your head up lady, I promise there will be brighter days. You can't lose focus either, she need's you and so does DJ. Don't ever lose sight of that. Thank's again!

May 30th 2002~
 Jayme Anne called again today :)  I talked to her for a little while. She went and got her nails done and her hair done today. She said her hair is growing out. She really want's to see us. She asks every time she calls if we can come and see her. Candy still doesnt feel it is the right time. I wish it were, we sure do miss Jaymers ALOT!!!
  Jamie want's to do what is right for his daughter, I feel he should be as much a part of this as Candy is because he is her daddy and he loves her with everything he's got in him. This accident has changed him so much; it is hard to explain but I see the change every day and hopefully he will have the chance to show his daughter that change. She need's her daddy and he need's her, I see it; I wish i weren't the only one.
 Some day soon we will see Jaymers again and when I see her I can't wait to hold her and hug her and kiss her and play with her hair and paint her toes. I miss her so much, I wish I didn't have to miss out on this last year of her recovery so I could understand completeley what she is going through.

I love you baby girl, it was so awesome talking to you today, you sound better each time I talk to you. Keep up the hard work it's paying off. We will be there for you as soon as we can, I can't wait to see you again, i miss you so much.

June 3rd~
   Jaymers called Jamie again tonight :)  She asked him to come and sit in at a therapy session with her and her mom on the 17th of this month. He is deffinatley going! And he DEFFINATLEY CAN NOT WAIT to see Jaymers. He misses her SOOOOOOOO bad! He promised her he would be there, he will be!!!!
 Jayme Anne celebrated her sweet sixteen this past weekend, we are celebrating Aaron's 3rd birthday this weekend. both of there birthday's fall on the 8th, how ironic!
  Anyway's, i will be calling Candy tomorrow to find out details about the therapy session and I will update again tomorrow evening.
   Jaymers~ We Love you baby! Daddy will see you soon! Keep calling, any time, we love to hear your voice! Be good, take care, work hard! I love you so much, I am so proud of you Jaymers! luv~ Elle
 (PS) Aaron keeps asking about you, he misses you lot's too! And TJ said he can't wait to see you again.

Jaymers~ When you finally read this, will you do me a favor as well as all the friends, family and others who care and have been to this site? Will you please leave a messege in the guest book and tell us how you are doing? You are an amazing little girl! God has plans for you my angel, you are his chosen one. We all LOVE you so VERY much! Keep up the good work!
Luv~ Elle

                      Elle      JaymersJaymers

   Jaymers, if you see this any time soon; click on the guestbook and see how many notes you have. There is 10 pages.

Jamye Anne continuously works on her recovery. Her mom is doing Aquatherapy with her and says she seems to like it. She has a homebound teacher and is continueing her education. Her right arm is healing slowly with help of numerous surgeries. She depends mainly on her wheelchair, she dislikes the walker; it makes her feel "dorky". (thats our Jaymers) I havent had the pleasure of talking to her latley but as soon as I do again, I will update again. I appologize for not updateing the site more often however, every time i do update the site I can't help but think of Jaymers and it saddens me. I will try to leave more updates.

  The night before Jayme Annes accident, Jayme wrote a poem and i would like to submit it for everyone to enjoy:

"His Hands"

Every morning when I  rise
God puts his hand upon me so I can touch the sky
Sometimes when he's with me
I feel like I can fly - like I can fly
I feel my heart is whole, now I feel I have a soul
He's my only Lord and Savior and the only one who can control my behavior

He follows me wherever I go
The Lord's the one who made me whole
When he's in me he puts my life back in control
He's with me all the time it's surprising
You can see the shine standing from behind

He's so amazing he can cure the blind - he can cure the blind
I dedicate my life to him, try not to let the devil in, want to repent for my sin
He's my Lord Jesus Christ and he alone makes me worth the price
He's making me change into someone I should be
And now that I'm changing I feel so free

I wish I could only see him standing here in front of me
I'm waiting for the day where I will be his chosen one
I dedicate my life to my Lord - Jesus Christ
I love him with all my heart
No one or nothing can tear us apart
The day can come today or tomorrow
But until then we should not be with sorrow

Rejoice in his name with no shame
Spread his name around the globe
He will give his people prayer and hope
He will walk you through it - no need to be scared
I love him so much when his hand is upon me - I can feel his touch
I bow down on my knees wanting to be his servant
But on the way I'm sure there will be a current that I will have to fight to get over
But only with his hand upon my shoulder

He has helped me through my life
Gives me honor and courage
Makes me boulder and wiser
He brings me sunny days and makes me a survivor
A survivor of the world today
No one could ever take him away
I love my Lord and Savior
To Whom I Dedicate My Life

Words By: Jayme Anne Seybold
May 4, 2001

  December 13, 2002

   We have talked to Jayme several times this week and we are planning for her to come to visit for christmas. We are all very excited as we havent seen her for quite some time. once we have her here for Christmas, I will update the site again. I will deffinatley have more photos to post. Maybe I will have her write something herself. I think she would like that. She will be seeing her web-site for the first time when she comes.

   January 10 2003~

  Christmas was so wonderful! It was so nice seeing Jaymers again! She has come so far, yet she still has a long road infront of her. 100 thanks to Candy for giving us such a wonderful gift at Christmas! Thanks Candy!! I would like to post a couple pics from Christmas 2002...........

And..... Daddy's girl........

And......... Jaymers, Ellie and Aaron........... ('jaymers"...ok, hurry up and take the damn picture!!!

And one more.................. jaymers, her daddy and baby brother............
Aaron had m&m's in his mouth..........

 I am so proud of the progress that Jayme Anne has made, she truley is an inspiration to a whole lot of people! She is amazing!!!